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1. If you are arrested for drunk driving the conviction rate is:
2. When you get new license plates you must take the old ones


3. In city driving you should look at least:


4. The stopping distance at 40mph is:
5. The stopping distance at 30mph is:


6. At a green light you should:


7. When your blood alcohol content reaches .05%


8. If you move to NJ from another state, how long do you have to register your car?


9. A change of address must be reported to Motor Vehicles within:


10. A change of name must be reported to Motor Vehicles within:


11. Auto insurance required in NJ is:


12. Once your license is restored after a license suspension


13. If you are stopped for a motor vehicle violation and are not wearing your seat belt the penalty is:


14. The lane used to get on a highway is called:


15. The lane used to get off a highway is called:
16. How far from the entrance to a fire station are you permitted to park?


17. How do you "talk" to other drivers?
18. When someone is passing you:



If you are angry or excited:

20. When parking on an uphill street with the curb to the right, your wheels should be turned:
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